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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Third day in a ROW of dressing up! Today we had a meeting with some business friends about a fun New Year's event and my company producing the fashion show part. As an event producer, it's easy to get "event"ed out, but it's been a while since I had a party time NYE and can't wait to have my favorite people around me when I do. Gawd, what to wear? UGH... I quit. Time to pick out what I wore last time and just wear it again. LOL I'm so not joking!

Now, to the outfit of the hour - this skirt was really one of the best investments EVER. It's a mesh fabric and so comfortable, a great piece from SWAK Designs (link). When I went to bed last night I just dreamed about it with my gorgeous blazer from Lane Bryant a few seasons ago, cutest and most useful tote on the planet, and my new Lane Bryant booties (link)! These booties are so freaking comfy, truly. I am an 11W and the foot is plenty wide and the ankle zip is definitely snug, but I love that as it supports your ankle. I'm actually thinking of buying another pair as after I wear them out I will cry if I can't get another pair.

Speaking of wearing out, I can't believe these tights I got I think 3 years ago from We Love Colors are still in perfect shape. They truly are the best. And I love there is plenty room for the bum as that seems to always be a problem finding pairs to fit a big booty.

Have fun dressing up and share your pictures with me on IG! tag @jessica_kane


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