White Out

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Hey fam!
OH. MY. GOSH. I am super excited to announce that I will be attending New York Full Figured Fashion Week as Torrid’s official fashion correspondent! **hold on, I need a moment!!!! eeeeeeeeck**

I’ll be decked out in Torrid for all of the events and I’ll have a couple surprises coming up for those of you who are heading out, stay tuned! Plus, I'm hosting a private event while in NYC, A Torrid Affair, which will be at a rooftop locale in Chelsea! Be sure to follow me on twitter or facebook for mobile pictures and more from the party!

So, if you are going to the FFFWeek Sunset {White} Cruise or if you're just wanting a gorgeous white outfit for a summer BBQ or Happy Hour - here are my personal favorites from Torrid!

Casual Chic Outfit

What I love most is a gorgeous embellished tank top and white denim. This pair of white denim is NEW at Torrid.com! So all sizes are in stock! I LOVE a pop of color with a white outfit, so the shoes are my favorite accessory. I chose the coral sandals because gladiator is cool AND comfy. These are WIDE WIDTH and faux leather.
Links: Top, White Denim, Coral Sandals

Dressy Outfit

Now if you want to dress it up, get a gorgeous dress. I'm loving this dress because of the shape, it works VERY well on pear and hourglass shapes (same shape as this dress I wore in my post "comfort zone be damned"). Again, pair with a pop of color, but these heels are GORG. I love the block heel (more support & comfort for big girls) and love the peep toe platform.
Links: Dress, Necklace, Shoes

Hope you enjoy these picks and let me know if you're loving all white for summer?

From day to night...

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Oh my gosh it's been so hard this last month to do some outfit posts! I'm now 45 days into my healthy lifestyle change (not a diet, but I guess you could call it that) where my typical day has been lacking in the style department. I've been trying to take snapshots while out working with my clients via my instagram (@jessica_kane), but most of that is hardly "blog" worthy.

Truly, my typical day is:
  • Wake up at 7am.
  • Convince 3yo he wants to get up to by singing super loud and letting him hide from the light under his covers. *LOL*
  • Get my workout clothes on - or swimsuit - I switch up the routine with treadmill and swimming laps.
  • Get kyle to daycare by 8am.
  • Get to gym by 8:30am.
  • Work out and get home by 9:15
  • Shower and debate whether I care about the hair and makeup since I just need to get some work done (nearly 10am!)!
  • Usually skip the 45 minutes to blowdry hair and makeup routine....
  • And just switch to comfy workout clothes to work at my desk.
  • Get son, make dinner, hang with boys, get about 2 hours at night to work more, make lunches, clean up house, deal with laundry...
  • then bed.
Glamorous right?! :D
After venting to my bestie Mandy about what the hell to do, she suggested that I keep it real and show the real me that isn't out clothes shopping right this moment and show how I re-work items in my wardrobe for the occasions I need to get gussied up (like the last post).

Of course she's a genius and I decided to rework one of my blog's all time top post items - the Simply Be Purple cardigan. I love love love Simply Be and more love their sizes are TRUE to size and I can know I'm going to fit.
I wanted to show a new way to wear it and with the summery nights coming on, you can wear the long sleeved pieces by just rolling up the sleeves and wearing less layers. I opted for no undershirt and just belted the cardi like a wrap top. So, I took this gorgeous piece from day to night! 

Here's how I wore it last time ... full post here.

My tips to take an outfit from day to night:

  • Shoes - something shiny, strapy, heel, sparkles.
  • Earrings - more dramatic earring can spice up an outfit in an instant. These long stone ones with the yellow really pop off the purple cardi.
  • Hair - take it up, styled with some teasing and maybe hair band.
  • Makeup - First, more bronzer ;) And, I like dark lips and winged eye-liner OR dark smokey eyes and nude lips.
  • Pants - Leave the jeans at home, you need a bold white/colored pant or slack.
  • My fav tip - show your shape! ;) I prefer Vneck to show some cleavage and using a belt to show off my waist.

Earrings c/o IGIGI black ones here // Cardi c/o Simply Be // Pants Jessica London // Shoes c/o Torrid *buy size down* here // Belt 10 years old :)

PQ Monthly Press Party

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I've been totally slacking on my local networking and hanging out with amazing business peep friends. So, I jumped at the chance to hang at the PQ Monthly Press Party and to spend some girl time with my Mandy.

This was a daytime event, but I wanted to be a bit dressy...so I wore my favorite Torrid dress (seen here) and blazer - perfect for a warm spring day. Kinda obsessed with blazers and dresses right now!


With my friend that I adore so much, Gabriella of PRAVDA Salons. She was someone I met in 2007 when SKORCH was launched and instantly fell in love with her. Such a warm and giving woman. XO

Countdown to FFFWeek!  19 days, 3 hours and 31 minutes! Here's the Latest News....

Every day do something that scares you...

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"Every day do something that scares you."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Man, so much has happened and so much to fill you in on. These last few weeks have been insane and marks a few MAJOR moments in my life. Today marks 4 weeks of dedicating myself to living a healthy lifestyle with healthy diet and exercise *wooohooooo*. I was humbled to be honored as a 2012 Woman of Influence from the Portland Business Journal (more on that later). And, I'm going through a huge career transition and embarking on a new venture that is absolutely terrifying, yet when I stop thinking about it so hard...feels so perfectly perfect.

My new best friend. ;) Thank GOD for iTunes and Metallica, Pit Bull & Beyonce. *lol*

For those who are new to reading my blog, I'm a marketing gal by trade. I started at the bottom of every job I every had, learned the business and looked for way to help it grow...that part is in my DNA really. In everything I do, whether as a job or for a client, I look for the nugget of opportunity. That's the premise from which everything I've ever built comes from.

These last few months have been extremely hard for me as I ALWAYS know exactly what my goal is and what needs to be accomplished...but it's been hard lately because there are only so many hours in the day. I'm a mom, a wife and a business owner trying to figure out where to go. The easy route - find a job. I say easy because of the security, steady paycheck, not having to worry about running the business and just doing the task at hand. I even met with an executive career counselor who took one look at my resume and what I've built for myself and other companies and says I'd be a shoe-in at an executive job starting at 80K+. Hm, sounds easier than slaving to make enough to cover the bills...barely.

Accepting my Women of Influence Award and with my best friend, therapist, photographer, videographer, coach, wing-man, PepTalk Polly ;) and business partner Mandy Allen. 

But the hard route seems to keep pulling me in - the entrepreneur in me will NOT shut up and no matter how hard I try - I can't stomach working for someone else - I hate it actually and it's because there is NO GROWTH. I must be moving towards something at all times and I don't even take long term retainer clients under my agency, because of this. Plus, there's the struggle of fashion or marketing? Where to put my eggs? It's hard because I HATE doing anything half assed, HATE. And, I've had NO choice but to do some things half assed, HATE. I get so angry and confused and often breakdown crying...where? Where do I go?

Well, lucky for me I have the most amazing mentors and friends in my life that seem to think I could conquer anything I started and have unlimited confidence in me as an entrepreneur...even an open checkbook??!! Funny thing is, that makes me MORE terrified...letting those people down would destroy me.

But, after 10 years of marketing for large corporations to consulting power players on their startups and realizing that I light up when teaching that maybe I'm meant to teach workshop style? So, I'm going to take that love and with the help of my friend and VP Mandy Allen (NEVER could do this without her - she's pictured above), and with her help turn my knowledge and passion into a workshop series. But, this series will be different, instead of angling for more business (I actually can not take on any more as my roster is full!) or trying to sell my books, I am going to actually GIVE them what they need, and in the end help MORE people. This new venture will be called AHA! Marketing Workshops by Jessica Kane. I envision hotel ballrooms filled with hundreds of business owners excited and raising their AHA! paddles. And whether this is IT or not...I'm going to try with everything I have. We all have to live our purpose and follow our gut, and all too often I do the nice and right thing and don't follow my gut, but on this one - I think we are in the zone [Mandy Allen] :).

And, on the topic of doing something that scares you...

I have to say congrats to Mandy for doing something that scared her, but she found the strength to launch her newest blog/project of GENIUS!! Get to know Pep Talk Polly http://www.facebook.com/PepTalkPolly. "A little ray of sunshine to brighten whatever pile of CRAP you're dealing with." <-- YES!

So until I announce the official launch of my new baby AHA!, please swing by and enter to win with Project Plus, my new partnership with Sealed With A Kiss Designs! Click here to enter to win 3 SWAK outfits!! Deadline May 18th.

Image via @jessica_kane on Instagram

Countdown to FFFWeek!  Here's the Latest News....

  • 5 weeks to  - opening night cruise tix are almost gone! Buy today @ fffweek.com
  • Indie Designers night 6.15 . Who's your fav designer on the list?
  • 25+ vendors w/clothing, shoes, accessories for 14+ . Shop before this haul hits the runway

Red + White + Blue + Gold

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I think I found my favorite outfit everrrrrr. Ok, well for the next month at least :) I never wear skirts and this is the one I found during my Jessica London haul. I dreamed about how I wanted to wear it...and I saw this....ahhhh so comfy and so freaking cute.

The navy blue blazer with the gold bib necklace from Torrid and the v-neck T is everything. Think I could wear this every day. It was perfect for a busy day with clients :).

In related good news: 
*found an $80 HD point and shoot cam/video that will fit in my clutch to take to NYC, do not want to lug my big rebel around.
* I have a sponsor for my NYC trip!!! EEeeeeeeeeee HUGE HUGE!
* My focus on eating right and exercising is making my clothes fit loose & my brain fire better (start weight 328, now at 314).
* My wedding show is D.O.N.E.
* And last but not least - I have the BEST team at SKORCH Magazine, these ladies are making things happen, so proud of my sisters ♥! See the latest at www.skorchmag.com.

Don't forget!

ENTER TO WIN with Project Plus at SWAK Designs -
share your funniest mommy fashion story for a chance to win 3 outfits.

PLUS! Tickets are selling out FAST for Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC - better snap them up asap at www.fffweek.com. I'm going and will be at all major events, and can, not, wait.

Have a great week!
XOXO Jessica

SKIRT Jessica London as seen here //  BLAZER Lane Bryant as seen here // 
NECKLACE seen here & V-Neck T c/o Torrid // BRACELET Avenue  // SHOES Payless


Me x SWAK Project Plus // Mother's Day Giveaway

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I am SO excited to announce the launch of my partnership with Sealed With A Kiss Designs! Project Plus is a monthly feature and contest where we hear your stories and a lucky gal wins a mini-SWAK-wardrobe picked out by me.

What I love most about this project is that I get to hear YOUR stories and I want you to share with me. To kick off the contest, we decided to launch by giving mom's a chance to share and win. Being a mom myself, I know we always put ourselves last and most mom's spend extra money on our children's wardrobe...instead of ours. So, now's your chance to share and win with Project Plus! Click graphic below to enter!

And, here's the photoshoot I had teased to a long time ago with SWAK! These are my style picks for the feature. Thank you so much to the SWAK team, you made the day amazing. 

Lands' End Review // Striped Skirt

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The people at Lands' End contacted me about trying out something from their plus size line for my readers. I was excited to try since I'd NEVER shopped at Lands' End, in fact, didn't realize they HAD plus size clothing?! But, went to the site and saw lots of great basic pieces that are like Old Navy but better fabric!

AND, since I never wear skirts and wanted to try one, this striped skirt jumped out at me. I'm soooooo loving it, so comfy, great fabric. I have to say the "convertible" part of the skirt, a band where you can fold over, under, scrunch...is not my favorite. Being a bigger girl, the damn thing always moves and the skirt inches north, you know?! But, I tacked it down with some thread and WAHLA, problem solved, no more readjustments every minute.

This is exactly the type of outfit I want to wear all the time, simple, comfortable, cute.
Just added a white Vneck long sleeve T with the sleeves hiked up a bit to show off my fun $12 watch from Kohl's. Added a simple necklace and my favorite silver gladiator sandals (I own one pair to try out the whole "gladiator" thing). And the key piece for me is the belt (which matches the silver in the shoes). This belt absolutely takes the outfit from ok to CUTE! It's a new purchase from CJ Banks, and that's ANOTHER shop I had NO clue was plus size?? Older demographic yes, but I can find something cute almost anywhere I go and this belt was such a find!!!!  The picture on the website does it NO justice.

Now I'm excited to try more stores I don't frequent, do you have any secrets??! Tell me on facebook!

Have a great week!
XOXO Jessica

TOP Avenue // SKIRT c/o Lands' End // SHOES Avenue - Love THIS from Torrid and THIS from JessicaLondon  // WATCH Kohl's - Similar here // BELT CJ Banks