Review & $100 Giveaway | IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel

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*** CONTA.

I've been eyeing the IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel brand since I started SKORCH Magazine in 2006, but as a admittadly SUPER frugal shopper, I never put down the dollars on the beautiful and classic pieces the brand delivers. But, as one of the luckiest girls in the world, I was contacted by IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel to see if I would like to try an outfit and review it for them. Of course I said yes, but only if I was able to offer a $100 Gift Certificiate to one lucky reader so they could try it out too (if I loved the piece)! Lucky us, they said yes (they normally only do $50 giveaways).

All in all, my review is this outfit is the BEST quality item hanging in my closet, and she hangs in her very own IGIGI garment bag! LOL - that's new for my closet - damn I'm really too cheap, like I've said before, why do I have ZERO problem shelling out easy $400 for a handbag, but I scoff at anything north of $40 for clothing? Makes NO sense I tell you! 

Well my frugal friends, I 100% endorse the pricing at Igigi, it's worth it - you're worth it. It's easy to say "what the.....", but honestly, the product is made in the USA, made from the most amazing fabric, and true perfection on a curvy body. Fit is everything, and being a lover of all things structured, when I picked this blazer and pencil skirt, I couldn't wait to try it on, and we have a winner!

Ok, my top review marks:
Fit - Perfect. Blazer is 22/24 and pencil skirt is 26/28. Right on, and the fabric stretches, so not only is the super structured blazer fitted, but it MOVES with you! love I am!
Fabric - Super thick and perfect amount of stretch - even though it doesn't look like it does.
Quality - 100%, everything is lined twice and THICK, the items weigh a LOT on the hanger, that was the first thing I noticed.

Jessica<--Drop me a line here!


Outfit Details:
Blazer gifted by IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel -  Bardot Jacket Size 22/24
Skirt gifted by IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel - Bardot Pencil Skirt size 26/28
Shoes - Torrid

 [ Pictures by Jessica Kane ]

Yelp VIP Bash

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Ain't nothing like a yelp party cuz a yelp party is goooooodddd.

Seriously, Portland knows how to boogie and the Portland Yelp Master, Don, and his friends throw it DOWN.  Had a fun time partaking in all the free fabulousness as a VIP, even though I really didn't earn it. I just know some kick ass people.

Here are some fun snaps for a night out with me and my girl Mandy, plus ran into my friend Rachel too!

I had to work all day before this party, so I went comfy and sassed it up with red lips, which I NEVER do, I had actually touched up the makeup right before leaving work, and I felt so weird with my bright red lips as my boss caught me in the hall on the way out! I have no idea why, I think I actually do look good -but that just goes to show, it's all in your head!


**BEST PHOTOBOOTH EVVEERRRRRR** I wish you could have been there, I seriously was obsessed with this booth! Shout out to Mandy for picking out the best props ever.

Cardigan - Old Navy Cardy, size 2X
Pants - Lane Bryant Houston Trousers, size red 8
Shoes - Target
Bag- Gifted by Torrid - Hello Kitty
Belt - Lane Bryant

fat girl you are beautiful

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I am a size 26/28. *gasp* And, I'm still alive and the earth hasn't burst into flames and despair. For the record, I know I'm not healthy (der), I am trying to make better choices to get healthy, BUT I refuse to hate on myself until I get there. I'm a work in progress. And in healthy news, I ventured into the world of healthy eating and found these amazing all super healthy fruit/nut bars that made me swoon! (@kindsnacks on twitter) It was a cinnamon pecan bar, normally, yuck, this time GENIUS!

So, the other day, my friend and I shot these images. I was so excited because the light was amazing and I felt 100% awesome in my outfit. I felt so secure in my own skin.

It made me flash back to when I was 20, the same size, and hating my body. Just crazy really. Only after I lost 110 pounds when I was 21 did I finally start to realize the spark that was me. Even after gaining all the weight back, I realize that people treat me how I perceive MYSELF. It was my own body-bashing depression that kept me down, no one else. I believed I wasn't beautiful.

I asked my friend last night, how do I begin to inspire women to stop body bashing themselves because they aren't Jennifer Aniston and LOVE their bodies and be confident to go shopping? Give themselves permission to spend time/money on hair and makeup, because they are worth it? Heck, I didn't even realize it until AFTER I had lost the weight and gained it all back. I'm wanting to spare ladies out there that same tortuous journey that I went through!

So, I started this blog to not only chat fashion, but instead of TELL you, but SHOW you, you are only as beautiful as you BELIEVE. Your mind is powerful and truly holds the secret to unlocking your beautiful confidence that is in you. 

Do you need a little help finding you? Visit my friend Emme at, and connect and embrace your mind, body and spirit. I love her site and she helps give us the tools to empower ourselves.

Own it. Love it. Work it.

Jessica <-- make a declaration to BELIEVE in your beauty here!

Outfit Deets:
Tank and Cardy - Old Navy size 2x (in the regular store, not women's online)
Jeggings - Old Navy Women's Online Size 24 (they really stretch!!)
Boots - Jessica London online Kayleigh Wide Calf Boot by Step Up Comfort size 11WW
Handbag - Ross about a zillion years ago
Scarf - Merona for Target

HUGE THANK YOU! 192,000 plus times, thank you!

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I love caffeine. Need I say more? AND, coffee sometime helps me make all that I do happen.

Getting kiddo up and off to daycare. Packing lunch and so forth (B+).
Work full time busy busy job (A-).
Try to be attentive and loving betty crocker loving wife (D+).
Be a good friend and remember birthdays and parties and important moments (C-).
Try to make big things happen with my blog and the full body photo project (C).
And fail miserably at playing maid and laundry and more (A++++++).

*laughing* I need more caffeine!!

Plus, today was a huge day for me. I never check the stats on my facebook page or blog, I don't blog and such for stats. I used to and hope to again have my online business support me like Skorch once did. But, when I checked in, I about fell over in my chair in disbelief! My facebook fanpage has received over 192,380 page views in the last 30 days!!! WHAT THEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! That truly made my day and all I can say is thank you, thank you for reading and making me feel like I'm making a small difference in the world. I hope I can help give us curvy girls a louder voice and hope you are there with me. *thinking back* this is almost beating the best month of Skorch back in the day!!! Crazy!

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

That, leads me into my "photo shoot". LOL This was a GREAT coffee morning meeting with my friend Bunn Salarazon - only the most AMAZING photog EVER, captured by my awesomesauce HTC Evo 4G 8mp camera! *laughing, I'm such a dork!* We were brewing up an earth-shattering, mind-blowing, going to rock your world photo shoot :). Intrigued?

Stay tuned....
jessica kane

reshoot | SWAK Designs Alana Top

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Hello there fam! Thanks to everyone who entered into the recent Torrid giveaway. Our girl Sabrina who won will enjoy her new fabulous Hello Kitty Bowler bag from Torrid!! And, that bag happens to be one of my favorite colors - purple. So, I was inspired to reshoot one of my fav tops I received a long while ago from Sealed With A Kiss Designs (, my first post - Kinda Really Obsessed With Purple - didn't really show how amazing the top was. So, here it is AGAIN! :) And, I paired it with my favorite scarf ever. It's a simple Merona for Target scarf, but the color is a slate/grey color that compliments EVERYTHING! I went back to buy one for a friend, however and Target didn't carry the color anymore. :( Guess it's out of fashion?

For this shoot, you might see a change in scenery, that's because I moved. So my amazing backyard I used to shoot in is gone. That was so sad for me, I shot so many families and even Skorch shoots back there!! But, I did get another great backyard, this one has LOTS of green and should make for amazing shots in the summer. Here are my first photos from my back porch and some purple inspiration, from my friends at SWAK Designs and their "Alana" top.

Hit up Sealed with a Kiss Designs here:

jessica kane

After the shoot, my friend Brit and I went for lunch and she took this shot of me from the window! I so feel like Kim K now! LOL

Get the purple top here:

[news alert] H&M Launches Plus Size Collection

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H&M Launches Plus Size Collection

Oh my gosh! Finally someone is listening, fantastic style for curvy ladies at great prices...see! I knew it was possible. If only it was in the US. H&M is planning on releasing a capsule collection featuring plus size items for this spring call Inclusive (and love that the name isn't curvy this or extended that).

The collection, which will feature 20 pieces, available in EU sizes 32-54, is extremely feminine and stylish. Fabulous trendy floral prints, polka dots, flirty 50's style party dresses and skirts, cardigans, tops and even lingerie will be some of the elements contained in the capsule collection. I'm loving EVERY piece!!

However, H&M online is only available in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, an unfortunate thing that limits the purchasing options of the inhabitants that live outside of the aforementioned countries. So, who's willing to purchase for me and ship to the States? LOL
But! H&M will be launching USA online shopping website this fall/winter! So, here's to hoping they will offer the plus collection as well!

The collection, which will only be available starting with early March is modeled by the beautiful plus size models Lauren McKenzie and Robyn Lawley.

What's your take on the latest H&M project?

Photo courtesy of H&M: newstip from:

[contest closed] Smolder for Vday in Torrid - Win a piece from my outfit!

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** Congrats to Sabrina Hoffler #203! You are the winner - check your email **

Vday oh Vday, what to wear this year? As a married gal, admittably in a RUT with date-night, I called up my friends at Torrid and asked to see if they would partner with me for a Vday Giveaway! They said - hell yes - sign us up!

Just so you know, the handsome stud that is my arm-candy is NOT my hubby, and hubby fully approved of me hanging on his arm. LOL This is Kyle, he's the VIP Host at Aloft Portland and we went on a hot date to FUZE IT Portland Fashion Show. Great event, great fun, totally fabulous.

*Updated* Due to high demand, here are the links to all the items I'm wearing!
Get my entire outfit at Torrid!


Ali, the photographer striking a pose. :)

My bag having a drink :).

Me and Kyle striking a pose.

Then, me having a drink. My favorite- lemondrop in a shooter - I HATE MARTINI GLASSES.

My bag on the runway...

These shoes are truly orgasmic. sigh.

The top, soooo beautiful and shimmery and fabulous. I LOVE it.

Pre-show picture in the bathroom....

Now YOU can claim your favorite piece - is it the shoes? the handbag? tell me your favorite!