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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am a size 26/28. *gasp* And, I'm still alive and the earth hasn't burst into flames and despair. For the record, I know I'm not healthy (der), I am trying to make better choices to get healthy, BUT I refuse to hate on myself until I get there. I'm a work in progress. And in healthy news, I ventured into the world of healthy eating and found these amazing all super healthy fruit/nut bars that made me swoon! (@kindsnacks on twitter) It was a cinnamon pecan bar, normally, yuck, this time GENIUS!

So, the other day, my friend and I shot these images. I was so excited because the light was amazing and I felt 100% awesome in my outfit. I felt so secure in my own skin.

It made me flash back to when I was 20, the same size, and hating my body. Just crazy really. Only after I lost 110 pounds when I was 21 did I finally start to realize the spark that was me. Even after gaining all the weight back, I realize that people treat me how I perceive MYSELF. It was my own body-bashing depression that kept me down, no one else. I believed I wasn't beautiful.

I asked my friend last night, how do I begin to inspire women to stop body bashing themselves because they aren't Jennifer Aniston and LOVE their bodies and be confident to go shopping? Give themselves permission to spend time/money on hair and makeup, because they are worth it? Heck, I didn't even realize it until AFTER I had lost the weight and gained it all back. I'm wanting to spare ladies out there that same tortuous journey that I went through!

So, I started this blog to not only chat fashion, but instead of TELL you, but SHOW you, you are only as beautiful as you BELIEVE. Your mind is powerful and truly holds the secret to unlocking your beautiful confidence that is in you. 

Do you need a little help finding you? Visit my friend Emme at www.emmenation.com, and connect and embrace your mind, body and spirit. I love her site and she helps give us the tools to empower ourselves.

Own it. Love it. Work it.

www.facebook.com/fatshionchic <-- make a declaration to BELIEVE in your beauty here!

Outfit Deets:
Tank and Cardy - Old Navy size 2x (in the regular store, not women's online)
Jeggings - Old Navy Women's Online Size 24 (they really stretch!!)
Boots - Jessica London online Kayleigh Wide Calf Boot by Step Up Comfort size 11WW
Handbag - Ross about a zillion years ago
Scarf - Merona for Target

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