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Monday, April 18, 2011

I am in LOVE! I love red, i love lace and love a good 3/4 sleeve top! And, City Chic made this all in one just for ME! Ok, not for just me :) But I feel like it.

So, City Chic reached out to me to be one of their bloggers in their monthly lookbook. I was definitely excited but I'll be honest, worried. I knew them as an Australian brand, and heard they launched in the US, but I'm always hesitant with the plus size sizing.

So, I went to their website, convinced they had asked the wrong girl since nothing was going to fit. I would find a top, look at the sizing and all I saw available was XL. Ummmm, was totally sad. Then I decided to take a look at their size chart and couldn't believe my eyes (see chart at end of post). They were saying their size XL tops were equal to a Lane Bryant 24! Really??? HMMMM

Well, I picked out two pieces and I'm happy to report their sizing is completely 100% spot on accurate. So refreshing! And, they offer free returns to US customers! And, the prices are sooooo reasonable!

So, I'm now converted. A City Chic lover. So, go now and order, I would love to hear your reviews!

Have a great week!
Jessica www.facebook.com/fatshionchic

JessicaKane agency hard at work! Producing another success Sassy Sunday mixer event at Aloft Portland! Thank you to my team Mechelle and Dani for their hard work!

Oops! kinda bright!

The theme was a pre-derby celebration event with a Derby Hat fashion show!! So, of course I tried one on. :) Loving this hand made hat by Patricia!! Felt SOO VERY GAGA.

My friend and Exec Assistant to GM of Aloft Portland, Amanda wearing a custom hand-made hat by Patricia too! She looked 100% mobster :)

Posing with Patricia - Milliner, and Gary Donovan of the TRING Networking group. I am wearing one of Patricia's hand-made hats! See her hats behind us!

My amazing assistant Mechelle Johnson, working hard for the agency!

Got my paws up mommy monster. LOL

Outfit Details: Top gifted by City Chic
Lace Puff Sleeve Top


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