Friday, October 29, 2010

kinda really obsessed with purple

Did I mention I'm kinda really obsessed with purple? Yes. For winter, it's a MUST. Jewel tones are always in style in my book, you know the one where you thrift shop like a mother and easily will drop twice the price for your kiddo's top than your own? Yes. This is the book I live from. But, every now and then, I treat myself. Afterall, why is it no problem to spend a $250 on a Coach bag (of course I buy from the factory store to save more - haahaa) and yet I scoff at $30 for a top I'll wear and enjoy for years? No idea. Obviously, I've been hypnotized by Coach.

So, long story short, you should smile and smirk when looking in that mirror. If your clothes aren't making you smile at yourself (because you're fine!) then you need to get some new pieces!

What am I ranting about again? Oh yes, get more purple! :)

jessica kane

I LOVE my new purple top that the kind folks at Sealed with a Kiss Designs sent me to try. I'm ALWAYS down for a kimono top and the rouched sides make it even MORE fabulous.And, if I wasn't at work, I wouldn't have worn the cami underneath. This top can go sexy or sophisticated easily.

Stared at the gorgeous sky...

Sat on the comfy benches...

Then the Sales Department posed with a private plane for a in-house promo - that's me in the purple! LOL The perks of being the closest hotel to the Airport.
And, then I went out for a drink :) With my friend Tyler Bel.

Outfit Deets:
Top- Alana top Gifted from Sealed With A Kiss Designs
Necklace - Target 
Pants - Lane Bryant Houston Trousers in Red 8

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

REVIEW | DKNY Straight Leg Jeans from Lane Bryant

Hey! Did you hear about the $1,000 Lane Bryant Gift Card you could win by joining me and my friends for the Full Body Photo Project (#fullbodyphotoproject on twitter)?? If you haven't, you still have time baby! ENTER NOW Drawing is Nov. 2, and to celebrate the awesomeness that is Lane Bryant, here's a head to toe LB fashion review! woot woot!

I wanted to try some fun hair and makeup, and when there's no pressure - it always seems to work so much better?!! WTH dude. So, my girl Brittany and I played dress up :)

I went with basic makeup, foundation primer, foundation, neutrogena natural glow blush block, HIP gel black liner on top, Lancome black liner on bottom corners, Demi Wispies lashes from Sallys (the BEST EVER) and finished with MAC Lipglass that I never get to wear since it's the brightest most awesome pink ever.

Not the best light ever - just camera flash - but I loved my outfit! so sassy....

These new DKNY jeans that Lane Bryant sent me to try out are freaking AWESOME! Full review at the bottom....

and my butt loves them as well...

Oh look...I'm at the max station? wow! LOL....a little on location shoot gone bad! LOL

Back home....better light..... See my sparkly awesome top?

And I never wear a hair flower in this spot, but it worked great with my big puffy hair....

THE awesome jeans.When searching online - they call them DKNY Straight won't find the "avenue b" jean on the Lane Bryant website.

Best part? They fit! LOL - I'm usually a size 28, but these are size 26 and fit great.

And the shoes...vintage Payless. Love mary-janes.

These jeans honestly rock. Here's why:
- They are perfectly stretchy, no saggy bum here! I hate that.
- Perfect length for wearing heels.
- They are true to size, these were a size 26.
- Color - I love a dark denim, and these have the slightest wearing on them...just enough.
- Just high enough on the tummy to hold everything in. Muffin Tops are UNACCEPTABLE!

Outfit Deets:
Top - Striped Sequin Tank from Lane Bryant
Pants - Gifted DKNY Straight Leg Jeans from Lane Bryant
Flower in hair- Lane Bryant in store
Shoes - Vintage Payless


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jessica kane

Saturday, October 23, 2010

working girl chic

I can't believe it's been over a month since I left my work at home mom days behind and the planets aligned for me to get my dream job! Crazy. And, that's definitely helped the blogging :) LOL

When I first got my job, I went crazy picking up pieces for my working girl wardrobe, and one of my FAVORITES EVER is this ELLE Boyfriend Blazer I picked up at KOHL'S! Unfortunately it's not there anymore, but I swear I could wear this blazer everyday of my life. Sigh.

Here I am outside one of the hotels I am the Marketing Manager for (I have 3 Portland Airport Hotels), Aloft Portland! So chic and so fabulous....if I was a hotel, I would be Aloft. Check out the website I now work on at (wxyz is the bar of the aloft).

I'm a dork, I can't help it.

I think my favorite picture ever. LOL - thanks to my friend Trish for taking these shots of me! LOL

Outfit Deets:
Blazer - KOHLS Elle Boyfriend Blazer size 2x
Top - Sequin Tank from Torrid
Pants - Houston trousers Red 8 from Lane Bryant
Shoes - Payless
Sunglasses - $15 cheapies from Sears

jessica kane

Friday, October 15, 2010

the wild side of jessica kane

Even though I wear a lot of monochromatic fashion, once in a while I do bust out a print, and when I saw this dress recently at Lane Bryant I had to have it! I whipped out my real women dollars and made it happen. It was the perfect dress to wear to the Plain White T's concert at my work.

When I announced on my facebook page that I had purchased this dress, a lot of ladies were surprised saying they thought it looked awful on them when they tried it. 

I would have normally worn this dress with bare legs and heels, but I had to work all day before the event that night and we have a strick dress I did the spanx black tights and some pointy toe mules.

What do you think? Have you tried this dress?

NO Flash Photo:

Flash Photo:

LOVE this ring!! :) Thank you Mom!

Outfit Deets:
Dress - Lane Bryant size 26/28
Tights - Spanx Black
Shoes - Payless
Ring - Lia Sophia

Monday, October 11, 2010

Comfy Party Chic

I had such a blast this weekend! I think the best part of the fact my feet were so comfy and I didn't do the wincing pain walk back to the hotel (like the rest of my girls!). Genius I tell you! If you follow my facebook fanpage you know that I recently scored the most fabulous pair of flats EVEEERRR, and the funny part is that I went to Nordy's yesterday and saw the exact same pair for Jessica Simpson for $69. Unbelievable! So, my $24.99 flats kept if fabulous all night long!

First stop Bistro 921, great place for our full body photo shots! :)

THE shoes :)

THE ring and THE drinks :)

THE clutch....

THE elevator...

Outfit Deets:
Top - Lane Bryant size 26/28 (I wanted it longer like a tunic)
Pants - Old Navy Jeggings size 26
Shoes - Target - Size 11
Wristlet - Payless
Belt - Lane Bryant
Big Floral Ring - Lia Sophia size 11

Thursday, October 7, 2010

REVIEW | DKNY Belted Shirt Dress from Lane Bryant

I love work, but I also love martinis and best friends. I got this smoking hot DKNY belted shirt dress in from Lane Bryant to try out and was definitely thinking it was a great martini night dress. I normally hate the army look, and hate green, but I think I rocked this look for sure. Plus, this dress was seriously comfy, the belt rocked and I felt super sexy with the button up middle. Lane Bryant - good job! Fatshion Chic for sure.

Review Deets (and NO, I was not compensated for my review - this is the real deal):
Fit - This dress does stretch, so buy when perfectly tight, then you'll have some give.
Color - Perfect shade, I liked it.
Belt - I loved how it was longer so you could loop over
Quality - The fabric is more thin, which I prefer, I HATE thick bunchy fabric.
Pockets - I loved the pockets in the front. Great to hold keys real quick, but not all night.
Length - I like skirts right at my knees, and this one was perfect. Not too short.
Buttons - I usually am totally scared to wear full botton front dresses, you know when they pull apart and show the goods!! eeecks! but this dress didn't have any of that. When you buy it, just be sure it's perfectly snug, since it will stretch a bit, you'll solid.

and now - pictures :)

Of course I got to pop my collah' :)

Sorry this was a little blurry, but you get the idea. The dress fit me perfectly!

I love my girl Mandy!! She's not only the best friend a girl could have, but also one of the best bloggers I know (

We had some SERIOUS good eats - of course some left over...for the hubby! LOL

Could the shoes be any hotter?!! love. 

Outfit Deets:
Shoes - Payless size 11 - circa 2007
Handbag - Liz Claiborne - got at ROSS

jessica kane

Friday, October 1, 2010

preserving my sexy (as diddy would say)


Gotta keep it fresh, right? Since I'm not a guido of Jersey, GTL doesn't do much for my sexy. Instead I do FHN, Face, Hair and Nails, on a monthly basis if possible. Plus, with the new job, there's no excuse to not get pampered and fly.

My best friend and fellow blogger ( decided a day at Paul Mitchell the School in Portland would not only be great for our blogs, but also for our wallets. I mean, we ARE totally billionairre bloggers, right? We're just totally frugal. yes. :) Frugal like a broke-ass blogger that NEEDS some FHN bad! So where else would you go to get fabulous face/hair/nail treatments at like 75% less the cost of a fancy smancy salon? In Portland, you go to Paul Mitchel the School.

And so the journey begins at 234 SW Broadway, Portland OR...

And we are greeted by Felisha & Danny...

Some paperwork to cover all bases in case we are allergic to hair dye or nail never know...

My favorite question...I must have extreme nerve activity! :)

The totally cool interior of the school....

BEFORE! Tired (thus the starbucks), no makeup, wack hair and probably a pimple or two...did I mention we are the mommy's of two year olds? YES. tired.

This place is totally chic and space it!

I was laughing out LOUD...on my way to the bathroom. LOL scary dude!

I had the zebra bed...awesomeness.

Mandy ready for her facial...

loving my mask....

how was your facial mandy? wake up!

double team on my hair....nice. :)

mandy was getting a full head of low-lights...

My view while my hair was being rinsed out....
Mani's while we wait for our hair....

drying my hair to see the new brown...

My hair girl and student at the school, Kiersten Adels. She did a GREAT job on my a-line and color!

After shot!  Too bad you couldn't see the real outcome with the bad lighting :(.

You can see Mandy's though.....LOVED the bright red!

That was our journey, and I have to say, I was scared but this place rocked. The instructors were always around and double checking everything and not to mention the price is crazy cheap! 
I will definitely be going back to Kiersten!

jessica kane

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