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Friday, October 01, 2010


Gotta keep it fresh, right? Since I'm not a guido of Jersey, GTL doesn't do much for my sexy. Instead I do FHN, Face, Hair and Nails, on a monthly basis if possible. Plus, with the new job, there's no excuse to not get pampered and fly.

My best friend and fellow blogger ( decided a day at Paul Mitchell the School in Portland would not only be great for our blogs, but also for our wallets. I mean, we ARE totally billionairre bloggers, right? We're just totally frugal. yes. :) Frugal like a broke-ass blogger that NEEDS some FHN bad! So where else would you go to get fabulous face/hair/nail treatments at like 75% less the cost of a fancy smancy salon? In Portland, you go to Paul Mitchel the School.

And so the journey begins at 234 SW Broadway, Portland OR...

And we are greeted by Felisha & Danny...

Some paperwork to cover all bases in case we are allergic to hair dye or nail never know...

My favorite question...I must have extreme nerve activity! :)

The totally cool interior of the school....

BEFORE! Tired (thus the starbucks), no makeup, wack hair and probably a pimple or two...did I mention we are the mommy's of two year olds? YES. tired.

This place is totally chic and space it!

I was laughing out LOUD...on my way to the bathroom. LOL scary dude!

I had the zebra bed...awesomeness.

Mandy ready for her facial...

loving my mask....

how was your facial mandy? wake up!

double team on my hair....nice. :)

mandy was getting a full head of low-lights...

My view while my hair was being rinsed out....
Mani's while we wait for our hair....

drying my hair to see the new brown...

My hair girl and student at the school, Kiersten Adels. She did a GREAT job on my a-line and color!

After shot!  Too bad you couldn't see the real outcome with the bad lighting :(.

You can see Mandy's though.....LOVED the bright red!

That was our journey, and I have to say, I was scared but this place rocked. The instructors were always around and double checking everything and not to mention the price is crazy cheap! 
I will definitely be going back to Kiersten!

jessica kane

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