Best Babes for Ever

Friday, February 03, 2017

GUYS! I know it has been forever and I owe you a huge post but as usual I'm in a complete hurry late on a Friday night and HAD to share these! It's been a while since I felt this pretty and where do I go first to share? To YOU baby!  

We will be best babes forever and I promise you I'm still here...working day and night to create the most amazing clothing company there is for us bigger gals. We deserve plus size fashion that makes us feel like we can and will own the room. We aren't here to hide, we are allowed to take up space and we deserve the shine baby. 

Until I can get back in the groove of posting, please come hang out with me on snapchat, facebook and instagram


These tops are sizes 14-28 and some of the softest fabric ever. As you can see, they go quite perfectly with our signature tulle skirts.
I'm still a size 26/28 and am wearing the 26/28 tshirt and tutu. If you have any questions on fit or fabric, let me know! I love you guys and I'm always updating my facebook and snapchat, so be sure to come hang out. 

Huge shout out to my friend and fellow body love advocate Allison Kimmey. Check her out on instagram inspiring people on the daily to embrace who they are and LOVE themselves. She's amazing!

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