Monday, June 27, 2011

Take THAT Size 24 Jegging! XO My Size 26 Booty

I was so excited last night! I posted on my Facebook "So yah, those size 24 jeggings that I thought wouldn't fit? ..... Yah, made them fit.... LMAO take THAT 24s! Ain't got nothing on my size 26 ass :) heehee". I had two pairs of this exact jegging from Old Navy plus in black, size 24s (always buy jeggings tight! they STRETCH), but when these arrived it was very scary and hysterical. Honestly, here's the scene....

Jessica squeals with delight when she sees the package with her white jeggings.
Rips open package.
Runs to bedroom.
Contemplates Spanx, but decides no since the exact pants in black fit fine.
Insert right foot. Doing good...
Insert left foot. Tiny question mark.
Stand up, start to pull up.
Attempted to get over booty, and think I literally heard the pants squeal in terror. hahahahahahaa
Or maybe that we me squealing in terror? I think it looked like a FOOT of distance from the button closing. ahahhaahahahah
I yell at my husband because he's yelling at me in the middle of internal chaos, and I have no time to answer his question. "I DON'T KNOWWWW! "
Cut to Jessica angrily shoving pants into bottom drawer that hold all things that will probably NEVER fit. LMAO. Damn that drawer.

Dude, seriously. Isn't it funny when you go back to the "drawer" and just start trying shit on and next thing you know, something works?? LOL Honestly, I'm thinking it was all in my head....isn't it usually?

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Jeggings - Old Navy Plus, Top - Curvy Girl Clothing circa 2009, Shoes - Payless, Necklace - Hubby Gift, so not sure.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer scarves

Vancouver WA hasn't gotten the memo about summer yet, but we were teased with 80 degrees yesterday, which made the view from my office's rooftop deck even better.

The other day, a reader posted on my facebook wondering if scarves were okay in the summer, I said yes yes!

Here's my fav new scarf from Old Navy, love the bright pop of color and light fabric, the perfect summer scarf.

Jessica Kane   |    Enjoy the Daily Plus Size Scoop @!

What I would buy if I had a ton of cash:
Yves Saint Laurent Cashmere-gauze scarf
Yves Saint Laurent
Cashmere-gauze scarf

What I would buy if I only have $5:


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