Do you mind if I ask what size you are?

Of course not! I think it's extremely important for you to be able to compare accurately how something will look on your body compared to mine. I'm not shy to share at all.
Well, I've been every size from a 12 to a 30, so I KNOW what you are going through! I'm a true pear! So my bottom is always 2 sizes bigger than my top. Right now (9/28/12) I'm a size 20 on top, 24 on bottom, 40DD and 11W shoes.

How old are you? Married? Kids? Where you from?

My stats are.... 32 years old (3/15/80 BD), Married to Mike (he's my rock and hubby #2), we have a 4yo kiddo Kyle (love my dudes so much). I was born in Oakland California to a single mother and lived most of my life in other peoples houses/garages/shelters/etc. I now live in the Portland Oregon area and living my dream. To read more about my past click here.

How do you get clothes for free?

Honestly, because of you. I'm so grateful for my readers and it's the simple equation - the more readers/engagement = the more businesses will work with you. Plus, I've been in the plus industry since the launch of SKORCH in Jan of 2007 and have a background as a marketing executive and thankfully understand what they are looking for/need and what you're looking for/need...so really my job is to connect you and them (well, businesses I like and believe in)!

Do you work or do this full time?

I am the owner of the Jessica Kane Agency which is me, my business partner Mandy Allen and our intern Chanel Turner. We mangae this blog, SKORCH Mag, Jessicas-List.com and has a roster of about 10 more clients at any one time. My specialty is marketing/branding/pr, so I do have an unfair advantage as a blogger, but this is why I have setup a webinar series to give any budding blogger the knowledge I have and use to position myself/brand into business opportunities. So, the short answer is yes, I do this full time! And, yes I do make money at it. Click here for my first webinar on the basics of blogging, you can watch on demand anytime....and more coming soon.

How would a business get their clothes mentioned on your blog?

The best way is for me to see/try on what you have and anyone is welcome to send samples, however I can not guarantee they will be mentioned or returned. If you would like to send something for consideration, please mail to: Jessica Kane Agency, 13504 NE 84th St. Suite 103-139 Vancouver, WA 98682

You've lost weight recently, how did you do it?

I never thought it was that interesting since all I’m doing is eating healthy food in proper proportions and trying to be as active as possible considering my crazy work schedule and being a mom to a 4yo and wife :). I’ve been challenging myself to learn to maintain this last month and I’m so excited I am! It’s nice to learn how to eat proper to maintain for my body. But, I do need to drop some more weight for my health. I have a bad back and knee and horribly out of shape…which is hard for me to take since I was a jock in high-school and even was a powerlifter! *crazy right?* So, I’m just trying to get back to the active me.
Basics to my lifestyle change include (and Lord knows I’m not a nutrition expert, so be easy on me for making changes even if not perfect):
No fast food.
No diet coke - Just fresh brewed iced tea and water.
Don’t eat after 7pm.
Eat about 1300-1400 calories a day.
I buy local meats (no hormones) and produce from my local butcher/farmers market store.
Breakfast is usually packet of oatmeal or fruit or kashi bar.
Lunch is always a sandwich on whole grain breads, etc etc.
Dinner usually a meat with a veggie.
Dessert I get a treat from Weight Watcher / Skinny Cow Ice Creams
As little processed food as possible, but can’t seem to not use my I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray - NO calories?!! GAH - trying.
Try to work out 2-3 times a week.  .......................... That’s it!

Don't see an answer to your question? Ask me anything at www.jessicakanestyle.tumblr.com.


About Me

STATS Which are important so you can gauge if these outfits will look similar on your body.
SIZES: Size 24 on top, Size 26/28 on bottom, 11W Shoes
I have been every size from 12 to 32 in last 12 years.
MEASUREMENTS: 5'8", 50" Bust, 48" High Waist, 60" Hips

HEALTH: (since it's an inevitable conversation, here are the facts) 310lbs as of Jan 2014, normal blood pressure + cholesterol + sugars + etc, no PCOS, no thyroid problems, I think my metabolism has completely left the building however, I absolutely believe the human body was meant to move and exercise is important! Get those endorphins baby! Afterall, happy people don't kill people, right? :D

• being a working mommy wifey doesn't mean I have to dress the part *wink*
• black, white, red and grey for life
• no matter what size I am I will dress this body to the nines
• Size and age are just a numbers

For more plus size inspiration and body posi loving, check out my magazine SKORCH lead by Tiffany Kaelin Knight!

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