every girl should play dress-up

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You know when you see another girl with the opposite hair or makeup and you're like, OMG I want to do that!?! Yah, this was one of those times. As a girl with short hair my entire life, I've always dreamed of having long locks and my friend and hair/mua Lindi Mckercher made it happen! We decided to play dress up.

We scouted the internet for some inspiration and styles that we could kind of recreate from the my current wardrobe and we came up with some Kim K outfits that worked. 

I have to say, it was TOO much fun having long hair for the 24 hours I did. I think every woman should do it at least once!

Check out Lindi's work - woah dude...barely recognize myself! 

**Disclaimer: As with all my images I post,  I am not photoshopped! Only some developing in Lightroom, but no skin/body manipulation.


Leopard Dress Lane Bryant 
White Top Avenue // similar white top here.

Photography/Editing by Jessica Kane
Hair and MUA by Lindi Merkercher

girls lunch

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There's nothing I enjoy more than the text from the girls that it's time for a lunch date. Even if we do end up talking business, since we are all business owners, the inspiration is so worth it. I love these women so much, I lovingly refer to them as my Russians...I met then when I created the Weddings of the World Show, and so glad I did.

This time we decided on Mother's Bistro strictly because they had Chandeliers AND AC :).

I wore my new top from SWAKDesigns.com and one of my favorite pair of Torrid denim (although I kept having to hike them up!). Loving the rolled up denim look, I think I'm the last blogger to actually do it. LOL Takes me forever to try a new trend, FOREVER. But this one I'm loving....and it will be UNCOOL in precisely 1 month. *laughing*


I was so loving my outfit.

One of the best places for lunch in Portland, OR

I've had these wedges for nearly 8 years - from Payless - see their shoes DO last! LOL

I so loved this top, the fit is so comfy, flattering and gorg.

(left) Victoria Pastors, Dina Chmut, Tonya

Beautiful Portland OR

Top c/o Swak Designs - http://www.swakdesigns.com/plus-size/p-953-mia-top.aspx Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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Basic style is so easy to undervalue and underappreciate and even I have gotten caught up in the dramatics and flair of it all...maybe it's the blogger curse? But I forgot how great some basics can be, like this outfit. I was just chilling and thought...damn, I feel cute. The thought occurred, is this blog-worthy? I decided to take some pics to see.

This is a typical day at the home office kind of outfit - Torrid Stiletto Skinny's rolled up (yes, even though they have a zipper, still cute rolled up), sheer H&M+ basic top, flats and statement necklace.

I think I'm going to challenge myself to embrace the basics more often, what do you think? Do you just want me to post the zazzy stuff or does this inspire you too?


Top H&M+  //  Pants c/o Torrid Stiletto Skinny Size 24  //  Flats Torrid  // Necklace c/o Torrid

August Issue of SKORCH Magazine

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Hey everyone!

I'm so excited about this month's issue of SKORCH! It was so much fun to design it, my team knocked it out of the park with great content, so go visit and also get to know more about our cover girl Rebecca Field of Lifetime TV's "The Client List."


A very special thanks to our sponsors:


My month's pics for the magazine.

simply simple

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When life feels as though it's falling apart, 
it may just be falling into place.

Right? So perfectly perfect. 

PS - Does anyone know if Revenge is coming back to TV? LOL #addict

Photography by Mandy Allen of Pep Talk Polly

Top Torrid // Pants Lane Bryant // Flats  Torrid // Necklace H&M // Clutch & Glasses  Target

Girl Crush | Giselle Grayson

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What's a girl crush?
Someone I give huge props to and someone you should know. My girl crushes are the girls that inspire me and have so much superstar oozing from their bodies that they leave me in awe. 

This one is dedicated to Giselle Grayson. I met her about a week ago, after her PR company emailed me to introduce her new album. I checked out her site and songs and instantly was crushing...there's just something about her! Love it. It's no wonder she's opened for T.I., Young Jeezy, Sean Paul and more and has already toured much of the globe.

When you knew you were meant to be an entertainer?
Probably before I was even born! My father was a talented blues musician so even in the womb I was exposed to amazing music. Its in my blood, I was just destined to be in entertainment one way or another. I started performing with my dad when I was only 3 years old and after that there was just no going back! I wanted to be a lawyer for a while, which is actually what I went to college for, but I realized I'd rather be the movie version of a lawyer than an actual attorney! LOL So if I can play one in the future I've already done lots of research!

Your Idol?
My personal idol is my mother! She's the most amazing, selfless person I've ever known. Professionally in entertainment would it be completely cliche to say Oprah? I adore her for all that she's accomplished and the fact that she's still herself at the end of the day. Its so hard to stay true to yourself in this business and she's done an amazing job of that. On the music side I'd have to go with Christina Aguilera, another strong and excessively talented woman who is determined to be exactly who she is no matter what. I admire that in any woman who has that down pat!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hmmm... Grammy winner... Oscar winner! Either one of those would be nice! In all reality though I'd just like to be as successful as I can possibly be in my field. Whether its in film or in music I'd truly like to be someone that people can relate to and feel empowered by. Especially young women these days. If I can get one young girl to understand that she can be exactly who she is and its a beautiful thing then I'll be happy!

Favorite designer/store to shop at?
I'm completely addicted to BCBG... they don't have a plus line, but I can usually fit a large in their dresses and jackets. They make the most impecable clothes! I'm also a complete fashion junky for IGIGI, Michael by Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent heels, and Dominique Auxilly for specialty tour and music video looks! Absolutely to die for! By now you can probably tell that I can't pick just one anything! LOL

The one quote that defines you/how you look at life?
You can most often hear me saying "Live the life you imagine... anything is possible" - I tweet it, Facebook it and say it to myself as a reminder every day that I'm living proof that you can be and do whatever you dream of in this world. You just have to have faith and work hard at it. Most people stop at faith and don't put the work in. Its a combined effort I think, you've gotta do both! And with that truly all things are possible. We're all living the reality we created for ourselves in one way or another... so might as well create the very best version of it possible!


Size? 14/16
Age? 26
Hometown? A true southern belle from Austin, TX!

Thank you Giselle for answering my questions and hope you ladies get to know her and draw some inspiration as well. Life is short - go get your dream baby! 

Connect with Giselle

Image Credits:

            Top Image
Photographer: Olivia Boyd
Hair & Makeup: Ashley Rihel
Location: Dallas, TX
Bodysuit: Fredericks of Hollywood
Sweater: Lane Bryant
Fishnets: Rue 21
Boots: Colin Stuart (not pictured)
Jewelry: Rue 21

Bottom Image
Photographer: Jeff Bearden
Hair & Makeup: Giselle Grayson
Location: Top of Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Top: Fredericks of Hollywood Plus
Cat Hat: Dillards 
Jewelry: Destructure LA

Making time for Makeup

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Back in the day, before the hubby, the 4 year old and the career that ate up every minute of my life...I had time to do my makeup. As a 24 year old, I found it to be the most fun part of my day...I'd relish the hour it would take because afterwards I felt like superwoman.

Fast forward to present day, and that once precious time is now dreaded. I find myself loathing the time I know it will take to do my makeup right, like picture fabulous right, like don't cut corners right...and just go ehh...it's good. But, once in a while - we need to take the time, take the damn amazing instagram photo and prove to ourselves we "still got dis." *snaps finger*

It's vital that we not lose ourselves in the day to day shit that will eat up a year before you know it. Just like making myself go the gym, I'm going to make the time to do my makeup once a week damn it. Why? Because I'm worth it. *wow, that sounds way cheesy typed out. LOL*


{above} The damn amazing instagram photo! LOL

Style Recycle

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What a WEEK. Man. Between my Vitamin D being a 14 (should be 50-130) and my birth control totally messing up my hormone harmony...I'm hopeful this week will prove that life does have a point and that I'm not destined for failure and ruin. Ok...tiny bit dramatic there, but if you were in my head right now - you'd understand. *laughing*

Thankfully I have a best friend to drag down with me cheer me up, and opportunities for some Subway and cell phone pictures like this day. Not really sure why I thought it was a great idea to wear a sweater and maxi dress on a day of 85+ degrees, but made for fun pictures. :-\ !

My wardrobe dilemma created by my #healthycurves journey (down 42lbs) has forced me to walk the talk. I wanted to challenge myself to rework some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and it's no secret these two are HIGH on that list. So, I put together and you know what? I like it. Even surprised myself.
See my other variations with this sweater here and here and this dress at NYFFFWeek here.

Something so fun about mixing a fem lace dress with a studded shoulder sweater! Love it.

Pictures taken with my iPhone by Mandy Allen of Pep Talk Polly.

Sweater c/o SimplyBe.com // Dress c/o Torrid.com // Sunnies c/o STUN 

say yes to printed pants { presented by SimplyBe }

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We talked about colored pants yesterday, well today I want to take it one step further...PRINTED!
I've worn SimplyBe on here before and am a huge fan, so I was excited they wanted to sponsor a post to introduce their new plus size fashion printed pants with you. There was one pair I fell in LOVE with - this one below! This is something I think I could really pull off and I plan to get some asap to SHOW you!

My trick to wearing printed pants? A chic and solid colored top. I love the teal one, but I'm kinda boring and would also go for a gorgeous white or black top that was flowy since I hate tucking in my tops.

What do you think? Have you tried printed pants?! Show me and upload to my facebook wall at www.facebook.com/jessicakanestyle.


Find these items now at http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/!

Disclosure: I did receive compensation for this post, but all opinions and choices are 100% my own. I do not accept compensation for products or services I don't personally choose to endorse.

Hot Pink Pants

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Never in a million years did I ever think I'd love hot pink pants so much, lol....but I do, boy do I. In fact, I'm thinking I NEED every other color that will go with this SWAK Designs Seville Cami, ahahh! The possibilities are endless! I snagged this pair at Torrid.

And this belt, oh this belt. Here's the story....I was at Torrid and spied a pair of shorts with this belt on them...but I didn't want the shorts, just the belt. Well then Mandy was trying on stuff and I saw this lone belt resting on the rack of items outside the dressing room....allllll by itself. Of course I tried it on...and it fit! So, having worked at Torrid before and knowing it would be scrapped, I begged her to let me buy the belt - I had to have it! Well, 10 minutes later, the belt was mine. LOL

Honestly, don't get in my way when there's a pretty belt at stake ;-). Speaking of which - go to ASOS.com now and buy every one of their CURVE belts (plus size). HOLY OMG.


Photography by Mandy Allen of Pep Talk Polly


Pants via Torrid size 24 - Same pant different color here /  Top via Swak Designs /  Shoes Circa 2010 from Avenue  / Clutch from Target

Girls Night Out {Presented by Marisota}

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Hi dolls!

Need an idea for a girls night out? Well Marisota from the UK wanted to introduce themselves to you and I went and had a look at their site and found some fun pieces that I never would have known before. So glad they contacted me! I went virtual shopping for a girls night outfit and here's what I'm loving from their plus size evening wear options. 

Remember when shopping at UK sites that the sizing is different. I always subtract 4 when converting - so size 32 is really a US28, and a 16 is a US12. When in doubt, measure yourself and look at the size chart.


Dress  /  Belt  /  Shoes  /   Earrings

Disclosure: I did receive compensation for this post, but all opinions and choices are 100% my own. I do not accept compensation for products or services I don't personally choose to endorse.

stiletto in the city

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Had a fun night out with Mandy....wine, salad and fries at one of the coolest places in Portland - the Radio Room. Enjoyed sun on the upper deck and amazing company...perfect happy hour Thursday.

Capped it off with a mini photoshoot down the street. Fell in love with the blue wall and red bench, I think I need one immediately in my back yard. LOL

When figuring out what to wear, I wanted to be chic and fun so I opted for my favorite items from Torrid, including these new Stiletto Skinny jeans. It's no secret I love everything Torrid, but I have to be honest - they stepped up their game with these jeans. The fabric and fit could not be any better, I actually have worn this pair nearly every day this week, with a mommy tshirt, with a sheer top, with sneakers, with wedges - every way every day. And I love them. Here's why:

  • Perfect stretch jegging that doesn't lose it's shape. Wore 4 separate times and they kept their shape before washing.
  • LOVE the zip detail - so fun and sassy.
  • Love the wash - just enough "wiskering" and they perfectly get lighter on the top of the thigh/knee.
  • Best part? I am down 2 sizes and ordered a 24!! All those #healthycurves lifestyle changes are working wonders for my energy and my body.

If I were to have a "uniform" in life - the outfit that exactly represents me - this would be it.

Photography by Mandy Allen of Pep Talk Polly - Editing by Jessica Kane

all items courtesy of Torrid

Blazer - Link Here  |   Jeans - Link Here   |   Shoes - No Link
Sunglasses - Target

Currently Obsessed With | Top 5

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Current obsessions include anything pastel, pleated, dotted and delicious. Here are my top 5 obsessions for the week.

Sherbet Colors

sunset colors
Image: http://www.wendyslookbook.com/2012/08/sunset-orange-trapeze-crimson-flare/

Kate Spade iPhone Case

Image:  http://www.chipchick.com/2010/09/kate-spade-iphone-4-case.html 

Strawberry Peach Vodka Collins Popsicles
by EndlessSimmer.com

Vodka Popsicles
Image:  http://www.endlesssimmer.com/2011/06/02/tired-of-adult-popsciles-yet-we-didnt-think-so/ 

Pastels & Nudes

blake lively, blake lively style, blake lively street style
Image:  http://www.justjared.com

Tile Blue Watch via Michael Kors

Nice color
Image:   http://www.shopbop.com/tile-blue-watch-michael-kors/vp/v=1/845524441868988.htm  

ALL Women are REAL

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I got a little fired up...saw this image floating around Facebook. There are so many layers and meanings that you can take from this image - but in the end, I am really talking to the person who created it - put it together. 
We could get into so many issues that these images create - which is great - conversation is good, but in the end - I just had an issue with the pitching of the women against each other.  We don't need to put someone down to feel better, and the skinny girls, while yes they are photoshopped here (and don't get me started on the mindfuckery going on there...LOL), but the girls behind that - the real women who do look nearly identical to that - it's not fair to them. I love you all and thank you for your feedback and positive dialogue - this is why I adore you so much! ♥ xo

Lets STOP pitching women against each other like this... I have best friends that look like the models on top and the models on bottom and BOTH are real...being plus size doesn't make you real, being YOU makes you real, and while the ladies on top are photoshopped - they are still real as well.

Let's empower each other by being inclusive, and not exclusive. 

#realisperfect (be you, because that's perfect)