the BEST plus size LBD ever!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 5 Comments A+ a-


Almost as exciting as finding the fountain of youth or the perfect eyeshadow that doesn't crease, is the wonder of finding the PERFECT plus size Little Black Dress (LBD).

I came close one with a Torrid one, but the neckline just bothered me. And then....

And then the doorbell rang, with mr. ups handing me a package from Sealed With a Kiss Designs. I knew they were sending me something to review, and I knew I had an event coming up, never did I think it would actually fit - and even better, actually fit my body perfectly. Well, the LBD Gods were in my corner.

It fit me like a glove. The darts were all in the perfect places, the length was perfect, the armholes, the neckline, the everything - just perfection. It does have a full zipper in the back, but I didn't need it as it fit perfectly. Plus, with this dress you can go without the big belt in the middle and focus on a necklace like I did for my Sassy Sunday Christmas in September event. Paired with silver heels and accessories and I was in LBD heaven. Plus....had a great hair day! Triple SCORE!!

You MUST OWN ONE. Period. And, no...I was NOT paid for this statement!


Drinking MY drink...Lemon Drop w/ crackberry near by :).
It was Christmas in Sept as Aloft Portland (my work) so of course I got Santa! or our superstar bartender - rocky :)

With my wine princess Monique.

My new obsession....from Lane Bryant - this necklace goes with EVERYTHING. Like a disco ball too :)

the shoes. man...they were killing my feet though! ugh....but I looked cute :) LOL

Outfit Deets:
Dress - Gifted from size 4x - Audrey
Necklace- Lane Bryant
Shoes - Payless - size 11W
Ring - Torrid size 11

busy body...

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Busy. That is the only word I can think of right now. Busy with work. Busy being a mom & wifey, busy trying to be awesome, busy networking, busy shopping, and busy being busy. I do love it, but for some reason it's taken a toll on my confidence. I don't worry that I'm ugly or fat, but I worry I'm not a good mom or marketing manager and especially not a good friend.

It's a horrible feeling to realize your priorities have to change, and unless you do the shuffling around yourself, it will happen naturally. I had to say bye-bye to things that were so much fun like the a fashion show we (skorch magazine) were going to produce at The Curvy Revolution. It just wasn't physically possible, unless I had a clone and transporter - maybe then? I haven't had time to do the magazine, leaving my editor-in-chief stranded...I love you Cali! I can't remember the last time I read a book and I LOVE reading!! :( No time for dates with the hubby or hardly time to cook dinner?!

But, you know what? This is the happiest and most alive I have felt in a long time. Kind of like a really deep tissue massage, it hurts like hell at first, but then you realize - that was exactly what you needed. I can't wait for the masseur to stop kneading my back already!

jessica kane

Outfit Deets:
White Blazer - Torrid size 3
Tank Top - Merona for Target size 24
Pants - Lane Bryant Houston/classic Trousers - Red 8
Shoes - Payless size 11W
Necklace - Gifted from Torrid
Handbag - Liz Claiborne @ ROSS

pretties, pop and pritchett

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I am so excited the sun has decided to stay out a little more often than a usual September. And I am equally as excited that I got to wear 3 of my favorite accessories this last weekend!

pretties = kicklett kreations necklace
pop = red stretch belt
pritchett = shoes from jessica pritchett

Thanks to my girly Brittany for shooting these pictures of me, and thanks to Jessica for these fabulous shoes!

I'm gearing up for a fun weekend at my work. Sassy Sunday and so much more - wfew I'm tired! And, my feet second that motion. I've been uploading tons of mobile pictures to keep you guys in the loop better, so you better check it out at - it's glittery and sparkly, like a fabulous summer day :).

jessica kane

Outfit Deets:
Shrug - vintage torrid size 2
Tank - Merona for Target  size 24
Necklace - kicklett kreation, handmade in portland or
Handbag - Liz Claiborne at ROSS
Belt - curvy girl clothing
Pants - Old Navy Stretch Jegging size 26
Shoes - Jessica Pritchett

on set with jess | rasha and vanna's wedding

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Once in a while I get to do what I love most, hair and makeup! And, this time I got to do it on one of my favorite canvasses, Rasha. You might recognize her as a former SKORCH cover model - twice! and a former contestant on The Biggest Loser. I am lucky to have her live in the same town as me and see her often, and be apart of her special day as she married her love, Vanna.

Here are some shots of my work :).

jessica kane

Posing with my Rasha, the bride.

After - full hair and makeup by me on the bride to be :).

What a great photo!! By the wedding photographer Kina Williams. Thanks Kina!

After. Bride and Sister/Maid of Honor.  *I did both ladies makeup*

Before and after. *I only did makeup*

Before and after. *I only did makeup*

Doing my thing on one of the bridesmaids.

Thank you Rasha (left) and Vanna (right) for letting me be a part of your special day. I love you girls so much and had such a wonderful time! XOXO

Outfit Deets:
My favorite top EVER! The fabric is perfection, details fabulous and so comfy! 
White Tank - Old Navy Size 2x Women's Flower-Trimmed Racerback Tanks $6.99-$12.99

day 5 on the job - vip private party

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 8 Comments A+ a-

*disclaimer* yah yah, I totally agree I'm pretty boring here...but listen - the strict codes at work are TOTALLY putting a cramp in my style!! LOL - I'll try harder - promise. I'm boring myself!

So as you know I've been TOTALLY M.I.A. lately and I'm so sorry!! I so miss blogging and have stuff to blog, just haven't had the time to load up the blogger and upload the gigantic pictures and think of something witty to say. Obviously, I have nothing witty to say....obviously....laughing. 
I wanted to bring you along day 5 of my new job as the Marketing Manager of Pollin Hotels (includes 3 Portland Airport Hotels) and my first task was get the swag bags stuffed with goodies from local businesses and create a fabulous lanyard for VIP guests. Honestly, does life get any better people?!! This is what I was BORN to do! love love love my job.

Since I knew it would be a 98 hour day, I wore the most comfy clothes and flats I just found at Payless. And, surprisingly they fit great for NOT being wides, they were regular 11.

Audrey Knot Ballet Flat
Womens American EagleAudrey Knot Ballet Flat 
American Eagle

Party was hopping for the VIPs at the W xyz Lounge at Aloft Hotel in Portland, OR.

I had to pose with facebook celeb and pal Ian James, the opening act for the private party. You can meet him at

And, here's the lanyard I designed for the event. (front - left, back-right).

jessica kane

Outfit Deets:
Top and Shrug - Old Navy 2x in regular sizes at the store (not plus size).
Pants - Lane Bryant - Red 8
Shoes - Payless (see above)
Necklace - Vintage

faq | what are your beauty essentials?

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Hey guys! I feel like I dropped off the face of the earth! Which of course means Facebook and Twitter - DUH! LOL The new job is amazing and busy busy. Plus, I was able to still do some 'side work' that had been contracted long long ago. I am the publisher of SKORCH Magazine as well as the graphic designer, so I've been helping other indy digital publishers design THEIR magazine, and it just so happens I picked up another plus size oriented magazine - one I think you'll love. It's Belle Noir, they just launched their debut issue, and I did all the graphic design (besides the last two pages and ads). I am SOO proud and hope you check it out!

Next, I love getting questions on my facebook fanpage at and will start dedicating faq blogs to answer. One I get a LOT is - what are your beauty essentials?

I love makeup!! Like big puffy heart LOVVEEE makeup. It is as much a part of my look as the shoes and skinny jeans, and every girl needs to know how to use it, apply it and love it. One of my favorite places to study is drag makeup. It's definitely exaggerated, but that's exactly what is so great about it. You can see easily what areas are great for highlighting and lowlighting. After that, it's all about the right tools and product.
I do spend a fortune for my "kit", but for the $, it lasts me forever. When you buy quality makeup, you don't have to use so much, therefore it lasts forever.

Here are some of my essential beauty supplies.....
My beauty essentials.

Foundation: perfect for my large pores. 

Lancome Mascara and Benefit Creme Shadows: the BEST creme shadows EVER. my lids get really greasy, and these DO NOT crease!
My favorite brushes. Mary Kay blending brush, MAC foundation brush, Lancome flat powder brush.
My favorite blush/shimmer/bronzer - MAC (top)
My favorite blush/shimmer/bronzer - MAC (bottom)
Perfect shading and coloring palette (brows, cheeks, eyes) -

I LOVE the large mirror on it!

Finishing powder - Lancome (top)

Finishing powder - Lancome (top)

I can NOT go without liner, and my every day favorite is CAFE from Lancome and for drama I love the NOIR.

dedicated to all over things, belts, skinny jeans and sandals...

Friday, September 03, 2010 4 Comments A+ a-

I love overthings and I love belts! So, this is dedicated to all overthings and belts that make my life happier.
Oh! And, jeggings.
And, sandals.
I think that's it.


Happy Friday!! I'm so tired, so this post is shorter - but I started a new day job on Wednesday and am the Marketing Manager for Pollin Hotels, which is a group of hotels including Sheraton, Hampton Inn & Aloft in the Portland market. So I manage all marketing for all 3 hotels. wfew! Day 3 and already I'm knee deep and my feet hurt. *laughing*

I love you guys and will still continue to blog, since I can't wear overthings, skinny jeans and sandals to work :(. boo!

And, thanks to my girl Brittany for taking these shots of me!

Outfit Deets:
White overthing - Gifted by Old Navy Plus Size - 2x
Black cami - Mossimo for Target - 2x
Pants - Gifted by Old Navy Plus Size jeggings size 26
Shoes - Payless size 11W
Belt - Vintage Torrid - size 3